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Clinton focuses on African Americans

Clinton focuses on African Americans


In her first appearance since her big loss in New Hampshire, Hilary Clinton has come out to address voters in South Carolina on Friday. Despite her huge lead in leading polls for the democratic party, Clinton seems less confident.

Her major talking point addressed to African American voters. It was in this same South Carolina that Barrack Obama catapulted over Hilary Clinton, following a resounding victory eight years ago. She had visited Michigan earlier this week, so she started off in an elementary-school gymnasium decrying underfunded schools and infrastructure in the Interstate-95 corridor.

Clinton compared the decaying infrastructure to that of Flint, Michigan – a city that housed a large number of African Americans. The former secretary of state was reported saying: “I went to Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, because there we have children being poisoned by lead in the water as a result of the governor of their state trying to save money.”

All of a sudden, Hilary Clinton turned on Bernie Sanders, her main opposition for the democratic party nomination. She had sparred him on Thursday night during the democratic party debate in Milwaukee.

She resumed her critique of Sanders saying: “Here’s what I want you to know: I’m not a single-issue candidate, and this is not a single-issue country. Even if we enacted our toughest plans to rein in Wall Street and shadow banking, I’d worry that we’d still have lead in the water in Flint, and we’d still have deteriorating schools here in South Carolina.”

She continued with her disagreement with Sanders on increased regulation of the financial services industry. She then tried winning the voters heart by implying that Sanders policies wouldn’t help the event’s mostly African-American audience. “I will not promise you something that I cannot deliver. I will not make promises I know I cannot keep. We don’t need any more of that,” Clinton said.