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US wants to keep restrictions under START-3

US wants to keep restrictions under START-3

The United States is interested in maintaining START restrictions on Russian nuclear arsenals after 2026 and intends to seek the introduction of limits on “new types” of weapons, including tactical ones, said Mallory Stewart, the relevant Assistant Secretary of State.

START III, the only U.S.-Russian nuclear arms control regime, has been extended by the Joe Biden administration for five years, expiring in 2026.

“We want to keep limits after 2026 on Russian systems covered by START III. We want to limit the new types of nuclear systems that Russia is developing and we want to cover all Russian nuclear weapons, including theater systems,” Stewart said at a science conference. in Washington.

She called it a “critical” task to include tactical nuclear weapons in the control framework.

“These are the weapons that Russia is more likely to use or threaten in any given conflict,” Stewart said.

Russia and the United States began agreeing on the parameters of a future treaty on the limitation of nuclear weapons, but interrupted the dialogue after the start of a military special operation in Ukraine.