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30 people were killed in clashes in a day in Sudan

30 people were killed in clashes in a day in Sudan

In Sudan, 30 people were killed and 245 injured in ongoing clashes on Tuesday, the country’s central committee of doctors said.

“The number of dead and wounded among the civilian population on this day, April 18, amounted to: 30 deaths, 245 wounded,” the committee said on social networks.

Since April 15, fighting has been going on in Sudan between the RRF and the regular army, which, according to the UN, claimed the lives of 185 people, wounded 1.8 thousand. On Tuesday morning, the RRF announced the approval of a truce for 24 hours, the country’s armed forces replied that they were not aware of any agreement with the mediators on this issue. Sudanese Sovereign Council member Shams al-Din al-Qabbashi later said the army had agreed to a 24-hour ceasefire starting at 6 pm Tuesday local time. He stressed that the Sudanese Armed Forces will respect the truce and monitor how it is adhered to by the RRF.

A Sudanese military source said the truce is being introduced for humanitarian reasons, provided that it is respected by the RRF.