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30-ton meteorite unearthed in Argentina

30-ton meteorite unearthed in Argentina

A huge meteorite that weighs 30 tons was unearthed in Argentina by a group of scientists. An area Campo del Cielo was keeping in the secret such a wonderful gift of nature during thousand years. According to astronomer Mario Vesconi, it is the second largest meteorite that has ever been found.

The president of Astronomical Association officially said that 30-ton meteorite unearthed in Argentina this week. Mario Vesconi explained that heavy extraction equipment was used to take the meteorite from the ground and to weigh it. The scientist added:

“Although we knew what we were after and what our research is, what surprised us was the size and weight of it.”

Vesconi assured that scientists will have to make a double checking of the weight of meteorite. It is the common procedure for the recalibration of any research. The science knows only two giant meteorites, the Argentinian one is the second largest. The Nr 1, a meteorite Hoba West, was just unmovable, it was found in Nabia in 1920. It weighs over 60 tons and is now considered as a national monument.