Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

The eldest son of former US President Donald Trump Jr. received an envelope with an unknown powder in the mail, after which many fire trucks and people in chemical protective suits were seen near his house.

A representative for Trump Jr., who plays a prominent role in his father’s election campaign, confirmed the information about the suspicious correspondence to the publication and said that authorities have not yet figured out what was in the letter, but do not consider the powder a deadly substance.

“Test results are inconclusive as to what exactly it is, but officials on the ground do not believe it is fatal,” the spokesman said.

Trump Jr. opened the letter in his Florida home and white powder inside the envelope scattered across the room.

On November 10, letters containing an unknown substance, possibly fentanyl, were sent to local election officials in at least four US states, and the FBI and the US Postal Service are investigating.