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Green energy: 189MW wind project in Brazil

Green energy: 189MW wind project in Brazil

Vestas Mediterranean, the Spanish power firm, has partnered with Brazil’s leading renewable energy developers Casa dos Ventos for realization of the ambitious 189MW wind project.

It is the fifth time when both Vestas and Casa dos Ventos collaborate, the wind power project situated in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. In the region, weather conditions are benevolent for producing the wind energy, experts said. As a result of the partnership, delivering solutions tailored to the local conditions of a project is a key challenge.

For its part, Vestas uses data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources. Traditionally, the company’s solutions cater to a broad range of environmental conditions. The model of turbine that will be used at Rio Grande do Norte—the V150-4.2MW, produces relatively little sound, making it ideal for sound-sensitive regions.

According to the press release, the agreement includes a 20-year service contract under which Vestas will optimize the energy output of the project. The clean energy produced will be used by businesses, contributing to Brazil’s transition to decreasing the carbon pressure.

Over the decades, wind power is the world’s second most used renewable energy source behind hydropower. However, for the consumers globally, the price tag for the energy is still high.