Today: Thursday, 22 February 2024 year

A case of espionage for Britain has been uncovered in China.

A case of espionage for Britain has been uncovered in China.

China’s security authorities recently uncovered a case involving British intelligence service MI6 using a third-country national to spy on China, China’s Ministry of State Security said in a statement Monday.

It is noted that a foreign citizen surnamed Huang is the head of a foreign consulting organization; in 2015, he was recruited by MI6 to conduct intelligence collection activities in China.

Juan was trained by MI6 in the UK and was provided with special spy equipment to transmit intelligence information. On behalf of MI6, he visited China several times.

The state security authorities of the People’s Republic of China conducted a thorough investigation, during which it was established that Huang was engaged in espionage activities in the country, and therefore preventive measures were taken against him in accordance with the law as against a suspect in a criminal case.

It is noted that during his time working for British intelligence, Huang provided them with nine sets of confidential information classified as top secret state secrets, and five sets of classified state secrets.

The PRC national security authorities immediately notified the consulate and arranged a consular visit for the suspect to ensure that his legal rights were respected. It is not indicated which country the suspect is a citizen of, how old he is or what consulting organization he worked for.