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A document has been published about how Clinton threatened the media because of Epstein.

A document has been published about how Clinton threatened the media because of Epstein.

Former US President Bill Clinton, who appears in the case of financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison and was accused of trafficking children for the purpose of sexual exploitation, threatened journalists, demanding not to publish materials about Epstein’s activities, according to correspondence published by the court from human rights activist Virginia Giuffre.

“When I was doing research at Vanity Fair yesterday, I was concerned about what they might write about me, given that Bill Clinton came to Vanity Fair and threatened them not to write articles about sex trafficking about to his good friend Jeffrey Epstein,”  one of Giuffre’s letters, dated May 2011 said.

Earlier, a US court published a court document listing the individuals involved in the Epstein case.

According to him, the witness said about the former American leader that he “loves young girls.” Epstine’s friend Gilaine Maxwell, who was convicted of aiding and abetting forced prostitution, “mentioned Clinton’s close personal relationship with Epstine,” and the ex-president was called “a key person who can provide information about his close relationship with Epstine.”

At the same time, human rights activist Virginia Giuffre, who stated that she suffered from Epstein’s actions in her youth, said that she heard from Maxwell how she personally flew in a helicopter with Clinton to the financier’s island. Giuffre herself, however, did not confirm these words, emphasizing that Maxwell was prone to fantasies.

Clinton’s tenure as US President (1993 – 2001) was marked by a scandal in 1998, when the fact of his sexual relationship with 22-year-old White House employee Monica Lewinsky was made public.

News of the list’s release had previously sparked public interest as Epstein’s case had given rise to numerous conspiracy theories about the possible involvement of the rich and powerful in pimping.

Epstin was charged in the United States with trafficking of minors for the purpose of sexual exploitation, which carries up to 40 years in prison, and conspiracy to engage in such trafficking, which carries up to five years in prison. In early July 2019, a Manhattan court in New York, after hearing Epstein’s testimony, decided to keep him in custody and not release him on bail. At the end of July, it became known that Epstein was found in a prison cell “semi-conscious” with injuries to his neck; he later died. The investigation showed that he committed suicide.