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A massive anti-government protest took place in Romania.

A massive anti-government protest took place in Romania.

More than 10,000 supporters of the Alliance for the Unification of Romania (AUR) party took part on Saturday in an anti-government protest that took place in downtown Bucharest.

“The AUR party organized a protest rally in Bucharest on Saturday, to which its members and sympathizers from all over the country arrived by bus. More than 10,000 people participated in a three-hour march through the center of the capital,” local media noted, stressing that the demonstrators ” chanted anti-Western slogans.

The protest action was held under the motto “we are not selling the country.” Members of the AUR party called on all Romanian residents to join the rally to oppose the “anti-national and anti-family activities promoted by the current government.”

“We will no longer tolerate you taking away our forests, national resources, imposing absurd rules on us and treating us like a colony. Stop touching the future of this nation! We want to raise our children the way we have done for hundreds of years, with dignity, with respect,” the organizers said.

AUR party leader George Simion noted that this was the first but not the last action. He believes that all caring residents of the country should gather on Wednesday in front of the parliament building to prevent deputies “if their bosses in Brussels force them to vote.

The Romanian opposition is dissatisfied with many decisions of the parliament. In particular, earlier foreign companies received the right to acquire Romanian natural resources – timber, oil and gas. However, the last straw that brought people to the streets was the law allowing the removal of children from Romanian families, the reason for this may even be the departure of parents to work abroad.