Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

A New “Jihadi John” Hits The Internet

A New “Jihadi John” Hits The Internet

Just when you thought it was safe to watch the internet, a new “Jihadi John” has appeared in the newest ISIS execution videos, taking the place of the original who was killed in a US drone strike last year.

US and British officials are racing to identify this new ISIS spokesman and the clues are pointing to a former radical from the UK who had been arrested by Scotland Yard a while back for radical activities. Why they let him go is unclear, but if it is him, he’s made good his escape and if proven to be the suspect, he’s now garnered a new level of celebrity and a position as the newest face of evil.

ISIS executed several men accused of being British spies and this new Jihadi John added the play by play commentary. Friends and relatives of the suspect are in conflict regarding his identity and only further professional analysis of his voice, and physical characteristics will lead to a conclusive identification, hopefully.

What this all boils down to is that ISIS is trying to regroup after a series of devastating defeats in the past several months. Many of its leaders are dead, killed via US drone strikes and successful Iraqi military victories such as the retaking of the city of Ramadi. Russia has been taking a toll on ISIS as well, destroying millions of dollars worth of oil transports and blasting to ruins, ISIS strongholds in Syria.

It’s starting to become an embarrassment to ISIS akin to the comedic defeat of Saddam Hussein by American forces during Desert Storm and the following Iraqi offenses where Iraqi propagandists railed on television about their victories against the US while in the background one could see US troops stomping the cities flat.

No word as of yet regarding the ISIS fighters’ morale with so many of their leaders now just small bits of charred carbon residue. As better ground intelligence allows for clearer targeting, it’s certain that there will be nowhere to hide for ISIS, especially their leaders who are the tactical stronghold of the ISIS assaults.

These victories against ISIS proves they’re not as invulnerable as they’ve appeared to be over the past several years. It took time to figure them out, but now, being an ISIS celebrity is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. This new Jihad John is living on borrowed time and it’s certain he’ll be identified and liquidated even if such confirmation isn’t part of the media yet. The available tools and technologies available to the US and its allies have been ramped up and soon it will be impossible for these criminals to evade the doom their actions bring them.

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