Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

A presidential form of government was introduced in Somalia.

A presidential form of government was introduced in Somalia.

The Somali Parliament approved the introduction of universal direct suffrage and the transition to a presidential form of government.

“Lawmakers in both houses unanimously approved the amended chapters of the constitution,”  Sheikh Adan Mohamed Noor, speaker of the lower house of parliament said.

As expected, the innovation will be implemented at the next regional elections, scheduled for June 30.

The principle of universal direct suffrage was abolished after Siad Barre came to power in 1969, and since his overthrow in 1991, Somalia’s political system has been shaped around clans.

The current constitution was adopted in 2012, and two years later the process of reviewing and amending it began. So far, amendments have been made to 4 chapters, 11 more remain to be introduced, after which a referendum will be held.

In the next presidential elections, scheduled for May 2026, the post of prime minister is to be replaced by the vice president. Local elections will serve as the basis for national elections, which will be held under a “closed list proportional system” and will involve only two parties.