Today: Sunday, 3 March 2024 year

A protest against the new migration law has begun in Paris.

A protest against the new migration law has begun in Paris.

Several thousand people have gathered to march against a law tightening immigration rules that opponents are calling a “victory for the far right,” demanding that President Emmanuel Macron not sign the text.

A column of demonstrators moves from Trocadéro Square to the Esplanade des Invalides. Among the protesters there are many people from African countries. They chant slogans: “France is a country of solidarity!”, “Documents for all illegal immigrants!”
Opponents of the new law, which tightens immigration rules, want to influence the country’s Constitutional Council, which is due to rule on its compliance with constitutional norms on January 25.

The march against the law takes place at the call of trade unions, cultural, scientific and religious figures, many associations and parties of the left: socialists (PS), France Defiant (LFI), communists (PCF) and greens (EELV). In total, 201 people signed the call to march.

As Monde reported, about 160 protests against the law are taking place in France on Sunday.

Last Sunday, several thousand people also gathered at a similar rally in Paris. According to the organizers’ estimates, 25 thousand people attended the demonstration in Paris, 2.5 thousand in Marseille, 2.3 to 3 thousand in Lyon, and 1.6 thousand in Rennes. More than 400 groups, associations, trade unions and parties called for demonstrations.