Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

A protest of ten thousand people took place in Spain against the current prime minister of the country.

A protest of ten thousand people took place in Spain against the current prime minister of the country.

The right-wing People’s Party of Spain (PP) gathered tens of thousands of people in Madrid for a mass rally against the country’s current Prime Minister, leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) Pedro Sánchez and his possible collaboration with separatist parties.

At the end of July, general elections were held in Spain, in which the right-wing PP received the most votes (137 seats in the 350-seat parliament). However, even with 33 deputies of the far-right party VOX, this number is not enough to form a government (176 parliamentary votes). Thus, it is possible that the PSOE, with 121 seats, will be able to form a left-wing coalition government that, among other things, with the support of Catalan parties, will re-elect its leader Sánchez.

“Don’t call us Spaniards fools, because we are not fools. What they (PSOE) are doing has only one name – humiliation. The current Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party has only a few accomplices, and only one person is responsible for them – one who, having lost the elections, is still in the Moncloa Palace (the official residence of the Prime Minister),” PP leader Albert Feijoo said.

He spoke out sharply against a possible amnesty law for independence supporters, which the separatist Junts per Catalunya party is demanding in exchange for its seven deputies’ support for Sanchez’s candidacy during the upcoming elections in the Congress of Deputies (lower house of parliament).

According to the party leader, about 40 thousand people gathered in Felipe II Square. However, police officials reported that their number exceeds 65 thousand. Some of those gathered were forced to follow the speeches of the speakers through loudspeakers from the surrounding streets because they could not get into the square itself, where Feijoo, as well as the kingdom’s former PP prime ministers Mariano Rajoy and José Maria Aznar, spoke.

Those present at the event carried signs against Sánchez and called for the imprisonment of former Catalan president and Junts leader Carles Puigdemont. Before the start of the event, the PP party showed a video with images of the current Prime Minister, against whom shouts immediately began to be heard from the crowd.

At the end of August, it was reported that votes to select the country’s prime minister were scheduled for September 26 and 27.