Today: Thursday, 23 May 2024 year

A rally against NATO was held in Madrid.

A rally against NATO was held in Madrid.

A march against the NATO military strategy and sending weapons to Ukraine took place in the Spanish capital.

In Madrid, the People’s Assembly Against War, which includes various organizations and individuals, called a demonstration under the following slogans: “Against all wars, against all blocs”, “Away with NATO, away with military bases”, “No weapons sent”, “Down with militaristic budgets”, “Neither Putin nor NATO”.

“Obviously, the resolution of this conflict will not happen thanks to the intervention of NATO and imperialist Europe,” said one of the organizers of the march, which began in one of the central squares of Callo and ended with a rally in front of the building of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The protesters opposed the increase in military budgets, which now amount to about 2% of the country’s GDP, demanding that these resources be reallocated to social spending and support for the population amid rising prices for electricity, basic products and services.

“This conflict has intensified the role of NATO, prompting various countries in Europe to increase military spending demanded by the US, which has led to higher prices for the most basic resources, such as energy and food, in the face of an economic, energy and social crisis on a global scale,”the representatives of the People’s Assembly against the war explain