Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

A rally against racism and stricter immigration rules took place in Paris.

A rally against racism and stricter immigration rules took place in Paris.

An action against racism and the “Darmanin law”, which tightens the rules of immigration and deportation of visitors, took place in Paris.

Several hundred people took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to march against racism. On the posters of the participants you can read: “No to repression, imprisonment and deportation,” “For a welcoming migration policy and legalization,” “We demand equality and justice.”

The action was organized by the association for the protection of migrants’ rights Ucij, which regularly holds similar demonstrations throughout the country.
It commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the March for Equality on December 3, 1983. Then the activists began the action in Marseille on October 15, and ended the march with a demonstration of one hundred thousand people in Paris.

In a communiqué, the association notes that today, “attitudes towards migration issues are more saturated with racism and hatred than ever before,” and “the immigration bill will only worsen discrimination.”

The text of a new immigration law is currently being prepared in France. The new law “on asylum and migration”, which in France is called the “Darmanin law”, named after the head of the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gerald Darmanin, includes many measures to strengthen control over the deportation of illegal migrants. It also involves the deportation of foreigners who have committed crimes from France.

According to Darmanin, this is the “toughest” bill ever presented by the French government on immigration issues. Darmanin said illegal migrants due to leave France would be added to the wanted list to ensure they actually leave the country.