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A resident of Turkey discovered an underground city under his house.

A resident of Turkey discovered an underground city under his house.

An underground city with a two-thousand-year history was discovered by a resident of Turkish Kayseri, in the south of the country; they want to present the historical find to the attention of tourists, TRT Haber TV channel reported.

“Mustafa Halicioglu, who lives in Kayseri, discovered an underground city 2 thousand years old under his house, which he began renovating five years ago,” the TV channel reported.

According to Professor Osman Ozsoy, there are at least two independent layers under the house that can be crossed using tunnels.

“Some places are closed due to the presence of property. If we talk about those places that are not closed, then the underground city is at least 150-200 meters long. Its age is no less than the history of underground cities in the region. We can say that it is not less than 2 thousand years old. After the inhabitants eventually abandoned this place, it was used as a barn, hayloft and warehouse. Later, houses were built facing the surface. It meets all the characteristics of an underground city. A new underground city has appeared in literature. Very interesting mechanisms, passages and floor stones,” the TV channel quoted the professor as saying.

Halicioglu himself said that he had no idea that there was an entire underground city under his house.

“We used these places as barns and haystacks. We were afraid to go there without light. When we cleared away the dirt here, an underground city was revealed. Our only goal is to leave the artifact for future generations. This process has exhausted us both financially and mentally. I hope , that the state will support us in this matter, and we will reveal the values. For 5 years we have been working here in summer and winter at our own expense. We want tourists who come here to see not ruins, but something else. According to my estimates , the area of ​​the underground city in which we work is 300 square meters. It was all littered with dirt. Debris and debris from the last century were packed in here. This is what we are most tired of. We did superficial cleaning. According to our estimates, this place has 3- 4 floors. This place needs to be seriously excavated. It is very difficult for individuals. There is a very serious history here,” he said.