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A Serbian lawyer called the use of uranium in Ukraine a war crime.

A Serbian lawyer called the use of uranium in Ukraine a war crime.

The use of depleted uranium projectiles in the conflict zone in Ukraine and in hostilities around the world should be banned, a war crime with grave consequences for many generations of people, said Serbian lawyer Srjan Aleksic, who represents the interests of the victims of the 1999 NATO bombing.

British Deputy Secretary of Defense Annabelle Goldie said on the eve that London, in addition to Challenger 2 tanks, will transfer ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium.

In Serbia, March 24 marks another anniversary of the NATO bombings that killed over 2,500 people, including 87 children, and caused $100 billion in damage, and the consequences of the use of depleted uranium are being recorded by doctors.

“Pity the poor people in those areas in Ukraine where depleted uranium shells will be used. This cannot be allowed, its military use should be prohibited, this is a war crime. The half-life of depleted uranium lasts 4.5 billion years, which means that it is almost forever remains in the territory where it was used and poisons everything around with radiation for generations to come,” Aleksic said.

The Alliance admits that they dropped 15 tons of depleted uranium during the bombing, but according to Serbian data, it was much more. Even 15 tons is a hundred times more radiation than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People who got cancer here because of for depleted uranium, have a specific picture of the disease. Tumors simultaneously appear in the body in two or three places,” the international lawyer noted.