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A tiny air purifier that looks like an art display

A tiny air purifier that looks like an art display

The Sauberair FLAT, a Taiwan-based company, has presented a tiny air purifier that looks like an art display. In its efforts to get rid of the bulky ugly home appliances, the company has transformed an air purifier into home decor.

The latest invention as home décor is a sleek air purifier that looks like wall art. According to Springwise, the tiny appliance allows its users to keep the environment in their homes healthy, as it helps to accelerate air circulation and filters out pollutants and harmful chemicals.

Amid the coronacrisis, the issue of keeping healthy air becomes a must. The Sauberair FLAT eliminates a wide range of pollutants in the air, using minimum power.

Often, appliances at home can look bulky and out of place, especially the air conditioners. The Sauberair FLAT’s inventions is a solution. An air purifier is just 3.5” thick and disguises itself as a custom piece of wall-art that can be hung around the home.

The appliance can be easily controlled with an app and with built-in smart sensors, FLAT automatically detects, monitors the air quality and reacts to provide a fresher and healthier environment. Sauberair FLAT-BT has Bluetooth speakers that can play music or act as a wake-up alarm.

The Sauberair FLAT is now available to buy at an early bird price, starting from €338. If it reaches its goal on Kickstarter by November 27.