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A war on ISIS may be imminent

A war on ISIS may be imminent

“Evil can only be defeated with evil” – may be the Congress’ motto as it is one step closer to formally authorizing the use of military force against ISIS, says The Atlantic.

The man of the hour for many Americans who want ISIS to play with blood for their crimes is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He introduced a joint-resolution on Wednesday to authorize the use of military force against the terrorist group, therefore granting Obama administration the power to stand and fight against ISIS. The question to be answered soon is if the motion will receive a vote, claims the same source.

Barack Obama was the first with the idea

This proposal came as a surprise, considering the fact that McConnell was one of the President’s adversary in his request for military force. A delicate topic, the war against ISIS produced some disagreement over how much authority Congress should hand Obama in the fight against the terrorist group. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, in a statement for National Journal, simply expressed his surprise “He did?”, when asked to comment about McConnell’s action.

Yet, this resolution is not what Obama asked the Congress. This means it could open the chance for Republicans to criticize the President’s overly passive in the fight against ISIS. Obama’s proposal did not include “enduring offensive ground combat operations” and it had a deadline: three years. Lindsey Graham, former GOP 2016 presidential candidate, claimed that this restrictions could damage the success in a possible war against ISIS.  

Everything should be done in order to defeat ISIS

McConnell’s resolution that could allow the: “use all necessary and appropriate force in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, its associated forces, organizations, and persons, and any successor organizations” would be in contrast do the Democratic party’s desire to not become locked into a conflict abroad.

The resolution is co-sponsored by Graham along with Republican Senators Orrin Hatch, Joni Ernst and Daniel Coats, says The Atlantic. Although many presumed that the current administration will oppose such kind of proposal, it actualy opened a door for discussions. “We certainly welcome Republicans taking an interest in specifically authorizing the continued use of military force against ISIL,” a White House spokesperson said, quoted by the same source.

The fight will be different from the one in Afghanistan

Still, a warning was issued. “The president has also been clear from the beginning that we will not be engaging in the type of armed conflict that we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that remains the case”.

All in all, if a such approval is to be voted, Republicans will be in a stumble. Such an action might be seen as a stamp of approval for the president’s broader foreign-policy objectives, making it harder for the GOP to credibly level criticism against the administration as it fights the Islamic State, says The Atlantic.

“It would be a good symbol of American resolve to have a new AUMF to go after ISIS.”, said Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to the same source, confirming the fact that no matter the politics, the main goal is to defeat ISIS.