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A zero-emission electric racing truck to compete in the 2022 Dakar Rally

A zero-emission electric racing truck to compete in the 2022 Dakar Rally

Next year’s Dakar Rally will be a special event ever: French electric-hydrogen racing truck H2 to take part in the annual race.

A zero-emission vehicle showcases the performance capability of the combination of hydrogen and electric power, Gaussin founder, Christophe Gaussin, explained. In fact, a key benefit of the French technology is that it has been developed for an ultra-light chassis.

Commenting on the totally ‘green’ H2 truck, the French engineers say that competing in the 2022 race is designed for long-range driving, with approximately 20 minutes of hydrogen refuelling providing 800 kilometres of distance. The speed of innovation in electric vehicles is impressive, Springwise reports.

The H2 Racing Truck is the first of a new fleet of zero-emission road trucks that will be launched from 2022. There is an autonomous version as well as a truck for distribution and construction.

“For the Gaussin Group and its partners, this project, which has now become a reality, represents a technological achievement and the fruit of years of work and experience in zero-emission mobility,“ Gaussin CEO, Christophe Gaussin, said.

In addition to its H2 truck, the French company offers two versions of its innovative vehicles. A fully electric option or a combination fuel cell and hydrogen engine option. Its batteries are compatible with most commercial charging designs, and business owners can choose between a fast and ultra-fast charging option.

The fast charge completes in 20 to 30 minutes, while the ultra-fast charge takes only 10 minutes. As well as mobile charging units for individuals and small businesses, Gaussin provides charging stations for commercial transport.