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About 90 percent of French people condemn attacks on the police.

About 90 percent of French people condemn attacks on the police.

Approximately 89% of French people oppose violent actions against policemen amid riots caused by the death of a teenager at the hands of a policeman, follows from the results of a survey by the Elabe research center, published on Tuesday by BFMTV.

Last Tuesday, police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old teenager during a road check in Nanterre, who, according to security officials, refused to comply with their demands. In a number of cities in France, riots broke out that have lasted for several days. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, across the country, young people set fire to about 3.8 thousand cars, as well as police and government buildings, about a hundred city halls have been attacked since the beginning of the pogroms. According to the Ministry of Economy, more than 1,000 retail outlets, about 370 bank branches, 200 grocery stores, 436 tobacco shops, and about 10 shopping centers were looted.

“Accusations of acts of violence are unanimous, regardless of the category of the population and political views. More precisely, 93% of the French condemn attacks on public buildings and 89% against the police,” the material says.

It is emphasized that 20% of the respondents claim that they understand what caused the brutality against the police, 14% both condemn and understand the violence against the police. The death of a teenager who was shot dead by a police officer who was taken into custody last week and is now under investigation is seen by 89% of French people as an excuse for most protesters to riot.

The respondents cited insufficient parental control (66%), an insufficiently harsh judicial system (55%), and drug trafficking in some neighborhoods (43%) as the main reasons for the wave of violence.

The survey was conducted on July 3 and 4 on a representative sample of 1,000 French adults. The statistical error does not exceed 3.1%.