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Acupuncture can reduce dementia symptoms and relieve stress

Acupuncture can reduce dementia symptoms and relieve stress

Acupuncture may bring relief to the nervous system, muscle and even can reduce dementia symptoms. According to the China researchers and their new study, an acupuncture is effective for mild cognitive impairment, a precursor for dementia. Of course, when it used in combination with other treatment. 

The Chinese researchers Min Deng and Xu-Feng Wang from Wuhan University in China have published an article about a power of acupuncture in the dementia treatment. The report said that neurologists studied two types of research including one that made a comparison between acupuncture to nimodipine (a calcium blocker that treats a gene mutation associated with dementia). After they calculated the double-effect as well — of acupuncture when mixed with nimodipine.

In five different trials took part 568 people from 26 to 94 years old; 280 patients were assigned to the group who received nimodipine, the rest was treated by the acupuncture method.

Results from the collective data revealed that participants in Acupuncture group had better outcomes than those who received the traditional nimodipine treatment. But a combination of those two methods was much more powerful, say the study of Chinese researchers.