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Afghanistan and E.U. strike deal to send asylum seekers home

Afghanistan and E.U. strike deal to send asylum seekers home

Migrant crisis in the EU has demanded a lot of effort to normalize the situation in old Europe. The influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa does not stop. EU forced to take drastic measures in the light of events. Afghanistan and the European Union found a way how to send back home tens of thousands of Afghan refugees whose asylum applications were rejected in Europe. On Wednesday, the sides announced a deal about it. 

The deal between Afghanistan and EU was made public before Brussels meeting, where dozens of world leaders are ready to invest into Afghanistan about $3 billion. The governments are going to pledge above mentioned amount in annual development aid to Afghanistan over the next four years. As said in the EU announcement:

“The E.U. and the government of Afghanistan intend to cooperate closely in order to organize the dignified, safe and orderly return of Afghan nationals to Afghanistan who do not fulfill the conditions to stay in the E.U.”

According to the deal, Afghanistan’s commits to accept tens of thousands of rejected asylum seekers back into a country. The statistics say Afghans are the second-largest group of asylum seekers in Europe in 2015. Over past year alone nearly 200,000 Afghans were applying for asylum.