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Afghans irked by Joe Biden, former US vice president

Afghans irked by Joe Biden, former US vice president

Afghans in the war-torn country understood that they are irked by the former US President after he during debates claimed ‘there’s no possibility’ to unite Afghanistan.

The top officials in Afghanistan have sharply reacted on the former US Vice President’s words about the impossibility to unite Afghanistan under current circumstances.

“No possibility at all of making it a whole country. But it is possible to see they are not able to launch more attacks,” he said while addressing a debate in New Hampshire.

Alongside Afghans, the international partners have also flayed Joe Biden for his statement, tagging it as “insulting and ignorant”. As Kai Eide, the UN Secretary General’s ex-envoy to Afghanistan believe, Biden’s words also demonstrate a fundamental lack of respect for and knowledge of Afghanistan and its people.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani reminded that his country has shown resilience to defeat every invasion.

“Afghanistan fought and stood as a whole nation to the face of tyrants such as the Soviet Invasion, Terrorism invasion and now, it is in the front lines so that the other nations are safer. ISIS [Daesh] & the Taliban, the major terror networks and the enemies of the world are defeated here,” Sediq Sediqqi, said while responding to Biden on Twitter.

Commenting on Biden’s vision, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai in a statement called American’s words “irresponsible” and “unrealistic”. “It is evident that the U.S. has never sought nation-building in Afghanistan,” he added.

For his decisive role in brokering the National Unity Government agreement in Kabul after the troubled 2014 presidential polls, many Afghans are already unhappy with Joe Biden for the “weak and divided” government.