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Airstrike On Kunduz Hospital Was Avoidable Mistake: US General

The mistaken attack on Kunduz hospital in Afghanistan last month could have been avoided, said Gen. John F. Campbell, top American commander in Afghanistan, on Wednesday.

Reading an investigation findings statement he called the airstrike was a tragic mistake and avoidable human error. He added it was the result of technical, mechanical and procedural failures. The Special Forces had been fighting in Kunduz for days and hence were fatigued.

The airstrike on the campus of Doctors Without Borders was conducted by a Special Operations AC-130 gunship on October 3. It killed thirty patients and staff members, and gutted the main building as well.

Several members of the crew have been disciplined and a senior US military official reveals one of them is Army Special Forces commander on the ground in Kunduz.

Kunduz has been seized by the Taliban and the US airstrikes were firing on buildings of the terror group.