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Syria’s al-Nusra rebrands and cuts ties with al Qaeda

Syria’s al-Nusra rebrands and cuts ties with al Qaeda

The global jihad is a political process too, key actors of this are living with their own lives. Al Qaeda and its Syria affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra have split. Officially terroristic organizations announced about this fact on Thursday.

Al Qaeda central leadership wants to keep the status of the leader of global jihad, so has recently pushed its Syrian ally to unilaterally declare an Islamic “emirate” in its territories, mimicking the success of the so-called Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Nusra sources say. After all Al Qaeda and its Syria affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra have split to avoid misunderstandings, obviously.

Al Qaeda in Syria

Nevertheless, Al Qaeda is still a model for Nusra, how to insurge, how to deal with the range of terroristic issues, and how to split with the partners and affiliates, too. Al Qaeda could build a terror in a modern world, being used local alliances and providing basic services to earn residents’ trust is the future. The recruitment service and ability of Al Qaeda instructors to wash out of the soldiers’ brain logical and critical thinking is another model, which Jabhat al-Nusra have learnt prior to split.

In short, Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate split from its parent organization and changed its name on July 28 in a move widely interpreted as a bid to head off a U.S.-Russian plan to launch joint airstrikes against the group.