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Alaska to offer tourists Covid-19 vaccines starting June 1

Alaska to offer tourists Covid-19 vaccines starting June 1

Alaska’s authorities said that the region is able to welcome the tourists who have received their vaccines against the covid-19.

Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy strongly suggests that the vaccines would be made available at key airports in the state starting June 1st. As TRT said, the local authorities have shared the plans aimed at boosting the tourist industry on Friday.

Dunleavy has unveiled the national marketing campaign aimed at luring tourists using federal aid money and said the vaccine offering is “probably another good reason to come to the state of Alaska in the summer.”

Earlier, the Alaskan authorities have been pushing to allow large cruise ships to return to Alaska after the pandemic restrictions kept them away last year, hitting hard businesses and communities.

The state’s tourism industry, that also includes a free jab for tourists. Alaska plans to offer vaccines at airports in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Ketchikan, with the clinics outside the security area, she said. State health officials also have encouraged travellers to test for COVID-19, though the state no longer requires that.