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Alaska’s Pavlof volcano in danger of erupting

Alaska’s Pavlof volcano in danger of erupting

Mount Pavlof in Alaska becomes more dangerous, say volcanologists. From the moment, when the volcano erupted in March, seismic activity in the region has continued without abating until the end of June. According to the scientists, such a condition suggests the possibility of the next eruption, which can be real before the end of 2016.

Pavlof Volcano in Alaska may erupt again, in according to the volcanologists calculation, this natural event may happen before the end of this year. From March (when Pavlof started to erupt) the stratovolcano is in danger of erupting. The seismic activity has recently increased around the mount.

Pavlof’s eruption in March continued with another erupting activity in middle-May 2016, and Alaska authorities raised the alert level to yellow. The steady plume of steam was seen emanating from the mountain from everywhere in the region.

The statistical data shows that mount Pavlof has erupted more than 40 times since geological records of the Alaska began. Such an intensive activity made this volcano the most active one in Alaska. The most dangerous its eruptions can be for the passengers jets because of the ash rose 49,000 feet above sea level.