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Aleppo ‘gas attack’ sparks Russia strikes

Aleppo ‘gas attack’ sparks Russia strikes

Syrian armed conflict is going on, on Sunday, the Russian warplanes attacked rebels’ zones in the vicinities of Aleppo after the government blamed rebels for a suspected gas attack that sent hundreds of local residents to the hospital.  While each side blames the other, there appears to be an evident confusion over the weapon used. 

The Russian defence ministry confirmed warplanes had launched strikes on “the identified positions of terrorist artillery in the area that shelled civilians in the city of Aleppo” on Saturday evening. Next day, in the official statement minister Igor Konashenkov added that all “jihadistic” targets had been “destroyed”. There is no word on any casualties among the civilian population.

Assad’s government and Russia say rebels used chlorine gas in the attack, during which the warplanes were destroying “the identified positions of terrorist artillery”. While government sources say around 100 people sought treatment in the hospital Saturday night after being affected by poison gas, the Observatory for Human Rights rights said about 100 people had been treated for breathing difficulties following a strike on western parts of Aleppo on Saturday.

Syria’s state broadcaster showed images of Aleppo residents being treated in hospital as they struggled to breathe. On Sunday Damascus accused anti-government groups of staging the attacks and urged the United Nations Security Council to condemn “the assault with toxic gases by terrorist groups”.