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Alexander Skarsgård, Alexa Chung ‘confirm’ they have reunited

Alexander Skarsgård, Alexa Chung ‘confirm’ they have reunited

Alexander Skarsgård and Alexa Chung were spotted together, that fact hints that the beautiful couple decided to reunite.

The Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård and his ex-girlfriend are together again, Alexa Chung has remained in regular contact since the split, said the sources. Actually, Alexa is always friends with her former admirers, she’s smart and always cool with everyone she dates. M Chung stays in contact and even will hang out with exes after they break up.

This week, the pair arrived on a Eurotrain, it looked at ease during their join outing, Alexa and Alexander looked happy but a bit tired. They walked through the station holding hands. They were quiet and just walked through the station alone.

The couple dated for two years before ending things last summer, none of them cheated on anyone. Alexa and Alexander’s breakup was clean that was caused by busy schedules as the reason for calling it quits.

For both them, the year was a really busy one, Skarsgard solidified his star status in Hollywood after “Big Little Lies” with co-star Nicole Kidman who was exciting to work on set with the Swedish colleague. They played the family with unusual habits n their relations, and Alexander won the Emmy Award this past September as a cruel, wife-abusing husband on HBO’s “Big Little Lies.”