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Alexander Vinnik delivered from Greece to the USA

Alexander Vinnik delivered from Greece to the USA

Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik was reportedly taken from Greece to the United States. 

“Everything happened and was framed as a kidnapping. As soon as the plane from France landed in Athens, he was immediately transferred to a private small plane, he immediately took off and headed. Boston. From Boston today he is officially transported on a business plane to San Francisco From Boston, Alexander was allowed to call his mother, “commented.

According to the statement, everything happens in complete violation of legal procedures and norms. There was an opinion that America did not go into details, and two requests for asylum remained without consideration.

“They turned a blind eye to it. The Greeks will again say that they did not know, they forgot, they mixed up, that they are sorry. As before there was an extradition document with a fake signature of the Minister of Justice, and then it turned out that he did not sign anything,” the interlocutor recalled agencies.The Athens airport police claimed the night before that they knew nothing about Vinnik’s extradition. Employees of the consular department of the Russian embassy in Greece were not allowed to see a Russian citizen, although he asked for a meeting.

⠀Recall that Vinnik was arrested in 2017. He is accused of legalizing at least four billion dollars obtained from criminal activity through the BTC-e bitcoin exchange. In the US, Vinnik faces 55 years in prison.

“Everything was done in such a way that it was imperceptible, no one raised a fuss. At this stage, they could be grabbed by the hand. of his whole transfer, because he was arrested in the Thessaloniki (Chalkidiki) region. He could take Vinnik away, as many cases remain unresolved, “concluded the representative of the family.