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Alexei Navalny wins his case in Strasbourg court

Alexei Navalny wins his case in Strasbourg court

Alexei Navalny is the most prominent person in the Russian opposition, he won his case in Strasbourg but he lost the retrial in Moscow. What the plans of this foe of Mr Putin now?

Russian opposition leader Navalny is getting stronger year to year, now he is the foe of Vladimir Putin because Alexei is the most prominent opposition figure. Last week he has opened his first office for a future presidential race, and this week he was found guilty in the fraud charges in Kirovles case.

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Russia is going to elect President in 2018, and Alexei Navalny as an opposition person with the strong charisma is a real thorn for Putin now. That’s why the verdict in Navalny’s retrial on fraud charges blocked him from the presidential race.

Probably, the opposition activity of Mr Navalny and the open his campaign office in St. Petersburg on Saturday made Kremlin block this unwanted candidacy. Earlier, Navalny warned that ‘the Kremlin will do its best not to let me participate in the election.’ Another opposition leader, Vladimir Kara-Murza reportedly was poisoned in the second time, now he is in the medical coma at Moscow hospital.