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Almost half of Swedes, Danes would prefer Nordic union to EU: poll

Almost half of Swedes, Danes would prefer Nordic union to EU: poll

A ‘Nordic union’ between Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland is a more preferable option for the residents of these countries, shows the recent Sentio poll. Almost half of Danes, Swedes would like to live in Nordic, not a European union, TheLocal reported on Sunday.

The advantages of living inside the European Union or the European Economic Area are not so impressive for 47 percent of Swedes and 45 percent of Danes polled.  The Sentio poll for left-wing Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen asked around 1,000 people in each of the three countries which kind of partnership they would prefer: the present situation with Sweden and Denmark in the EU (plus Norway in the EEA), or a new Nordic union with joint policy in many areas.

The Nordic option was thumb by 47 percent of Swedes and 45 percent of Danes polled, while only 32 percent of the former and 36 percent of the latter said they preferred the EU (the rest said they didn’t know). Historically, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland are known as the good neighbours, these Nordic states are supporting each other, and their cooperation is stable and continuos under any circumstances.

During the recent Sentio poll, people polled in Norway were given a third option, owing to their unique situation among the three countries as non-EU members. More than half (52 percent) said they would continue with the country’s current level of partnership with the EU, while 31 percent opted for a Nordic union, and only 10 percent chose EU membership.

Despite their countries being part of the hypothetical Nordic union model used in the survey, Finns and Icelanders were not polled.