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Amal Clooney ‘angers’ fashion designer Tom Ford’s team after changing to ‘backup’ outfit at Met Gala

Amal Clooney ‘angers’ fashion designer Tom Ford’s team after changing to ‘backup’ outfit at Met Gala

Amal Clooney preferred not to wear Tom Ford’s outfit for Met Gala, and that woman’s move made Ford’s team angry. She changed her mind just hours before the annual fashion event to arrive in her ‘backup’ outfit by British designer Richard Quinn.

Mrs Clooney has right to choose her outfit for any event, especially for an annual Met Gala. Alas, lawyer’s decision has angered fashion designer Tom Ford’s team after Amal at the last moment chose a different look.

The 40-year-old brunette stunned in a strapless gown with a silver bustier, dark slacks and a long floral train at least four feet long. The floral motif is typical of the label’s aesthetic and made Amal make a rather heavy makeup. Designer Richard Quinn is very popular, he has already made his mark on the industry by having Queen Elizabeth II appear at his London Fashion Week show this year. Now, Amal Clooney is among his clients.

When Amal told Ford’s team about the switch ‘they were annoyed, obviously, but they were gracious and said it was fine to go with another designer, but they would prefer that Amal not wear the dress at all if she wasn’t going to wear it on the Met Ball red carpet’.

Initially, designer’s team didn’t expect that Amal changed into the Tom Ford dress for the more private after-party. They suggested if George’s wife didn’t debut the full-length crimson gown designed to look like a stained-glass window that another star would be able to at a future A-list function. In other words, Tom Ford’s people were infuriated when Amal did so.

This year, the human rights lawyer was co-chair of this year’s Met Gala along with Rihanna and Donatella Versace and also appeared on the May cover of Vogue ahead of the gala. She was accompanied by her actor husband George Clooney, 57, at the gala and after-party –wearing Tom Ford’s dress!