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Ambassador to Sudan is fourth Russian diplomat to die since January

Ambassador to Sudan is fourth Russian diplomat to die since January

Migayas Shirinskiy, a Russian ambassador to Sudan, found dead in his home in Khartoum on Wednesday. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed this sad fact in a statement, adding that he had died of natural causes. It is the fourth Russian diplomat to die since January.

The death of Russia’s ambassador to Sudan was caused by a heart attack, according to the results of the preliminary investigation, said the Russian Embassy’s spokesman Sergei Konyashin. The 62-year-old Migayas Shirinskiy was appointed to the post in 2013.

The Russian diplomat died while swimming in the pool of his residence, Shirinskiy manifested symptoms of an acute heart attack, embassy staff told the press. Despite all efforts of doctors, it wasn’t able to save the ambassador.

Sudanese police about the death of Russian diplomat

The Sudanese police have ruled out the possibility of an assassination attempt, while the Sudanese foreign ministry didn’t mention Shirinsky’s a cause of death in the statement.

“The Russian ambassador died this evening at his Khartoum residence. “He was found dead in the swimming pool of his residence at 7.05pm,”

police spokesman Omar al-Mokhtar told AFP.

Mr Shirinskiy was an experienced diplomat who held diplomatic positions at Russia’s embassies in Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda. He started his diplomatic career in 1977, Shirinskiy was fluent Arabic and English speaker whose excellent diplomatic skills were noted by his colleagues.

Russian diplomat dies in Khartoum

Mr Shirinskiy’s death became the fourth in a line of Russia’s diplomatic corps’ losses in 2017. Since January, four Russian diplomats have died, and nine have died since late 2016.