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Amber Heard offered a new fashion trend: unzipped pants

Amber Heard offered a new fashion trend: unzipped pants

Amber Heard decided to be an ultra fashionista, the ex-wife of Johnny Depp offered a new way of te pants wearing. She wore them unzipped but with an additional accessory like satin stripe.

Amber Heard wears the pants in a very unusual way, she prefers no to zip them, that’s gonna to be a new fashion statement. In Hollywood, many fashion trends start their life, it’s pretty logically to suggest the unbuttoned or unzipped pants of jeans is the new trend. could be starting a new fashion trend with her unzipped and unbuttoned pants!

Earlier, we could see a similar way of the wearing of shoes: with no lace at all. Sharon Stone offered it while wearing her luxury red oxford without a lace in their holes. Probably, Amber Heard decicded to project this Stone’s trend onto pants, why not?

So, let new fashion puzzle be starting!

Unzipped and unbuttoned pants of the 30-year-old actress were kept on with a belt wrapped around her waist while stepping out on Thursday in Hollywood streets. the ex-spouse of Johny Depp was spotted holding a shopping bag from the designer store You’re So Baby while heading to Hotel Cafe to check out a show.

Ms heard was very busy that day, she was running errands and was preparing to head off to set to film with Jason Momoa. Aquaman is another work where we can see Amber.

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