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Amber Heard’s dad says she would ‘love to get married’ to Elon Musk

Amber Heard’s dad says she would ‘love to get married’ to Elon Musk

Amber Heard’s dad is glad that his daughter is dating with Elon Musk. According to Mr Heard, Amber even would like to marry Elon and to ‘have a family’ with the Tesla founder. 

Amber Heard months after the finalising the divorce with Johnny Depp is ready to marry again. This time, the Hollywood blonde is dreaming of Elon Musk, said her father. He noted that Amber is reportedly ready to ‘settle down and have a family’ with a new beau who owns SpaceX and Tesla.

Amber is only 30 years old but she is a well-known person and a real Hollywood celeb, mainly, not through her talent but her scandalous divorce with Johnny Depp. Last year, everyone had an opportunity ti know who is that girl.

Immediately after divorce, Amber claimed she is happy to be single again and – immediately – started to date with Elon Musk. The actress’ father believes she is “serious” about her new relationship.

“Amber and Elon are both very serious about each other. She would love to get married. One of the things they want to do is settle down and have a family. They are making plans for that.”

However, there is another point of view, Musk’s friends saying that Elon has no intention to tie a knot, Elon and Amber have no plans to get married. It sounds like a truth because Ms Heard is currently in Australia shooting the Aquaman franchise for the next six months. Probably, it is another Hollywood affair but Elon was warned that Amber is a dangerous woman who could set up even Johnny Depp.