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American Disney Workers To Sue Over Immigrant Replacements

American Disney Workers To Sue Over Immigrant Replacements

In what might become a lawsuit that shakes the government and big business’ boots, is word that two dozen former Disney IT professionals are suing regarding being replaced by lower paid immigrants.

To add insult to injury, the Disney IT pros were forced to train their replacements. This did not sit well with not only the disenchanted Disney workers, but with labor groups throughout the country.

The replacement process falls under the H1 B immigration policy whereby foreign workers can be imported to replace American workers. Companies and government subcontractors use this to get cheaper workers but displace American nationals thus contributing to domestic unemployment and bad sentiments to that.

The Disney employees filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity commission, EEOC, regarding the loss of their jobs. It’s the first step before filing a lawsuit that alleges discrimination. Their complaint uses the term, national origin discrimination. This term has been used by other Americans who’ve suffered the same fate. It’s under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that cites in part, “hostile treatment in forcing the Americans to train their replacements.
In addition charges of discrimination on national origin and age are part of the complaints.

Of course Disney defends itself by stating that they’re in compliance with laws that allow such actions. The complaints will be investigated by the EEOC and the agency itself may file a lawsuit.

This lawsuit is one of, if not the biggest of its kind and legal eagles will be keeping a sharp eye on the outcome. In addition, political candidates are using the incident to push their own agendas.

This is the epitome of the ‘David vs Goliath’ scenario of law and civil action. Disney is such a juggernaut of a company that no one, not even government wants to go head to head with. Just 10 years ago Disney was in trouble but fired their CEO Michael Eisner and since then has had a resurge of power and profits that are phenomenal to say the least. With the Lucasfilm and Marvel Entertainment and PIXAR under their banner, they’re practically undefeatible. Add to that their stock is owned by every union, politician, government employee, any lawsuit that threatens that cash flow will send shockwaves from Wall St. to White House.

It’s another case of corporations doing whatever they want and in this case jeopardizing and disenfranchising the American workers. Unfortunately the public is lax in going after Disney no matter what the company does. It’s due to several factors and has led to Disney workers having to fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground regarding pay and rights.

The Obama administration is no help here. Even when Disney, Sony, and Dreamworks SKG were recently busted in engaging in wage fixing, the Obama administration cowered in the shadows, explained easily because the big entertainment companies forked over millions for his election campaigns.

So here we have a scenario where American workers can’t even depend on their own President nor government to stand behind them and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end well for both.