Today: Tuesday, 28 May 2024 year

Amid Threat All Schools In LA Unified School Distrct Shut Down

Unspecified threat resulted with closure of all schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District Tuesday.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said the shutting down are out of an abundance of caution even though the threat is not serious and the department is not on tactical alert.

According to a senior law enforcement official, the new threat is not in relation to any of the earlier threats and not even linked to the San Bernardino investigation.

There are more than 900 schools in LAUSD and search operation is said to be carried out in all of those including charter schools and also the special education centers.

LAUSD is the second-largest school district in United States that has more than 700,000 students.

LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines said it is important to take such precaution based on the fact what has happened recently as well as in the past – the San Bernardo shooting case in which two attackers killed 14 innocent people and the deadliest attack in the history of US on September 2011 when two planes crashed on both the towers of World Trade Center.

Cortines added fearing safety of schools and students he asked the police to search all the campuses of schools.

According to the officials, the threat arrived to them in the form of electronic mail and didn’t mention the exact campus.

Los Angeles School Police Chief Steve Zipperman said the investigation is being assisted by FBI as well as the Los Angeles Police Department.

He added, “The threat is still being analyzed… We have chosen to close our schools today until we can be sure our campuses are safe.”

Meanwhile, the New York authorities also received similar threat for the city schools though it was not credible and didn’t overreacted to it.

Los Angeles is just an hour drive from San Bernardino. The community college at San Bernardino was also shut down today.

According to New York officials, the New York police force are in contact with the Los Angeles police as well as the federal agencies.

The sudden school shut down also caused disruption in the daily lives of people who scrambled to adjust work or find emergency child care.