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An Israeli strike on a school in the Gaza Strip killed at least 12 people.

An Israeli strike on a school in the Gaza Strip killed at least 12 people.

At least 12 people were killed and more than 50 were injured in an Israeli strike on the Al-Fakhura school in the Gaza Strip, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra told Al Jazeera.

“So far, twelve people have been killed and 54 injured in the attack on the al-Fakhura school,” al-Kidra said.

On October 7, Israel was subjected to an unprecedented-scale rocket attack from the Gaza Strip as part of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, announced by the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement.

After this, the organization’s fighters entered the border areas in southern Israel, where they opened fire on both military and civilians, and also took more than 200 hostages. In Israel, according to local authorities, more than 1.4 thousand people were killed, including 300 military personnel, and more than 5 thousand were injured.

In response, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Iron Swords against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Within a few days, the Israeli military took control of all populated areas near the border with Gaza and began carrying out air strikes on targets, including civilians, in the strip. Israel also announced a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip: the supply of water, food, electricity, medicine, and fuel was stopped. The number of victims in the Gaza Strip exceeded 9 thousand people, over 32 thousand were injured.