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An open-source, contactless package delivery system

An open-source, contactless package delivery system

The IoT company from Poland launched a project to build a wireless-enabled, open-source smart delivery box Amid coronacrisis, the idea is genial because #CoronaIoT uses an open-source design to develop a contactless package delivery system, Springwise reports.

The #CoronaIoT project will use embedded Raspberry Pi and ESP32 technologies to create a smart parcel ecosystem, which will allow contactless sending and receipt of deliveries and parcels. Minimizing physical contact is a must nowadays, taking into account the novel virus epidemic.

The Techbase Group specialises in technologies that deal with automation and the Internet of Things. The company also promotes open technologies based on the Raspberry Pi and ESP32.

An IoT company is using open-source technology and crowdsourced development to create a safe parcel delivery system

A key part of the system is that it will be manageable using open-source hardware such as the Raspberry Pi and ESP32 technologies, as well as open-source software. The system will operate remotely, using the standard 3G/LTE network.

It is easy to stay safe with the new contactless delivery system by Techbase. A ready-to-use solution will emerge to improve the quality of life and health safety. In addition, the innovators plan to continue developing concepts to aid in social distancing.

At Springwise, we have seen crowdsourcing and open-source technology used to find rapid solutions to the many problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these have included using crowdsourcing to develop virus treatment options and an open-source disinfectant module for parcel lockers.

After the coronavirus epidemic changed our life a lot, so, tech companies are working flat out to adapt to the changing environment in which the world finds itself, due to the pandemic. Some have taken advantage of the current transition period to accelerate the adoption of new digital technologies.

In fact, Techbase is looking to adapt this model to its core business, by creating a parcel locker that not only prevents outbreaks but also has broad adaptability.

The #CoronaIOT project is being developed through crowdsourcing, and the wireless-enabled smart delivery boxes will come in a variety of sizes and can be used by a wide range of users and delivery companies. The system will notify users when a new parcel is delivered, and may also allow users to specify an amount of time between package delivery and collection, to prevent contact.