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Angela Merkel and her migrant policy: we’ll manage it

Angela Merkel and her migrant policy: we’ll manage it

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday gave a statement regarding her vision of the future Germany and “stick to our principles.” Merkel’s policy on migrants will stay the same, and none of the recent terror attacks hasn’t hesitated this lady.

Angela Merkel gave a speech on July 28, after row of the attacks the Chancellor reminded that her policy on migrants is still the same. The Bundesrepublik is strongly assured in its policy, and migrants will be welcomed by Germans further, promised in her statement Angela Merkel.

Be strong and admit the migrants despite two attacks by the aggressive migrants — that was an advice of the Chancellor to the nation. The German judicial system must be improved, experts should propose new measures to enforce the law in order to prevent terrorism, noted Merkel in her statement on Thursday:

“We have also know for a long time about the travel routes taken by people who are threats to the state. We need to check all of these routes and also live with the danger of terrorism.”