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Angelina Jolie visits Kenya as UNHCR special envoy

Angelina Jolie visits Kenya as UNHCR special envoy

Angelina Jolie initiated the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative in 2012, her current visit to Nairobi linked to an issue of sexual violence and measures to prevent it in Kenya, in particular.

The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is an activist too, his woman has started an extremely useful initiative in 2012, alongside former Foreign Secretary Lord William Hague of Richmond she set the programme has trained over 17,000 military and police personnel on sexual violence issues, and the PSVI team of experts has been deployed more than eight times.

The current visit to Nairobi means a lot for local people and, especially, the survivors who are enormously grateful to Ms Jolie for her support and drawing the attention to this used-to-be-hidden problem. As UNHCR Special Envoy Jolie plays an important role in helping refugees and victims of sexual violence.

How Angelina Jolie marked the World Refugee Day

To mark World Refugee Day on Tuesday, the actress was in Nairobi, Kenya and met with adolescent 20 of girls at the Heshima Kenya Safe House. All had experienced sexual and gender-based violence and many had given birth after being raped or were pregnant.

The mother-of-six also addressed staff at the International Peace Support Training Centre during training on sexual violence prevention in conflicts.

Angelina concluded her address with the words of hope, saying she is very proud of skills of the Centre’s staff who takes the issue personally and seriously. Such warm support and deep understanding of the problem’s roots are able to help many victims and survivors on their way to normal life and happiness.

Ms  Jolie asked to use staff’s position and its influence to spread this non-violence message within Kenyan Armed Forces and on all the missions on which they serve.