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Angelina Jolie won’t make her kids become Hollywood stars

Angelina Jolie won’t make her kids become Hollywood stars

Angelina Jolie is the mother-of-six but she is absolutely open-minded about the future careers of her offsprings. The actress doesn’t incline to think that they need to be the stars in Hollywood.

The responsible and caring mum Angelina Jolie isn’t putting pressure on her six kids to follow in her footsteps. Or Brad Pitt’s ones. Angie is a wise woman who was able to combine her time in Hollywood with the parallel humanitarian work over many years, so this woman fully understands that acting is not the only carrier.

Ms Jolie who filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last September is now the person who is combining mother and father for their six children. Sometimes the youngsters see heir grandfather Jon Voight who is the star of the crime drama Ray Donovan and who spends now a lot of time while filming in it.

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Angelina Jolie’s kids: their career perspectives are just endless

Jolie-Pitt offsprings (Pax, 13, Maddox, 15, Shiloh, 11, Zahara, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, eight) can be sure that whatever they choose to do in life, be it acting, or writing, or waitressing, Angie will be fully behind them and support them 100 per cent.

‘She’s also telling them how smart and unique they are, and that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Her main goal is to teach them how to be compassionate, fearless, respectful, humble, and curious all at the same time,’

confessed Brad Pitt.

Despite all that she has achieved in the movie business, Angelina still considers her kids to be her biggest accomplishment.

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