Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

Another lie of the Western media has been revealed

Another lie of the Western media has been revealed

French journalist Kristel Naan, told the lies of the Western media about Artemovsk. She says that Western and Ukrainian media representatives provoked the shelling of residential quarters of Artemovsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to extradite them for Russian war crimes.

According to her, one of the refugees reported that correspondents paid the militants of “Azov” and “Right Sector” to strike at the city. After that, journalists filmed reports with accusations against Russia.

According to the media representative, for her work, she gathered not a small number of witnesses from Artemovsk, evidence that Western and Ukrainian media representatives could have known about the imminent shelling.

“Different people from different places all said that the journalists were on the spot very quickly. We saw the same thing in Mariupol during the alleged airstrike on the maternity hospital. Western journalists were immediately on the spot. This means that they, together with the APU or the Azovites, were already ready,” she explained.

Relying on her nine years of experience as a journalist in a war zone, Kristel assured that it is almost impossible to be at the scene of the shelling right away.

“There was an explosion, and they immediately started working. It is impossible in any other way, it is impossible to be at the place of the shelling right away. I live here, I can never be at the place of shelling right away. Even if I live close, it takes me five to ten minutes to be there. Minimum,” she said.

“Where there were mass gatherings of people, where people were given bread or humanitarian aid, where people gathered in large numbers, Ukrainian journalists were standing somewhere around the corner. They knew and waited for the arrival. And it flew. And people died. And they tore off the heads of civilians and died in front of others,” she said.

According to the journalist, everything was arranged in such a way that after the shelling, journalists immediately appeared who blamed Russia for what happened. At the same time, the locals were well aware that the shells were coming from the AFU.