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Another Tesla S Model accident in China

Another Tesla S Model accident in China

The Autopilot system of The Tesla S Model let the driver down again, in China. Everyone remembers the video, how the Tesla in Switzerland was crashing into a van. The reason was Autopilot’s actions and wrong decisions — the system was following swerve halfway off his lane to pass a van on the side of the road.

Another accident with Tesla S Model happened in China, the driver caught the fender bender on his dashcam. While driving the highway north of Beijing, the vehicle was in the left lane on the highway in heavy traffic, and when in traffic, the Autopilot’s Traffic Aware Cruise Control will lock on the vehicle in front of the Model S to determine the speed of the vehicle and consequently when to move in traffic.

Tesla S model in China

Now the driver blames the Autopilot and says the system didn’t leave him enough time to react. As a result, Tesla S barely touched the VW, it scraped the driver side badly and broke the front fender.