Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Another War Rising In Middle East? Russia With Turkey?

Moscow seems to be well prepared with all sorts of unrelenting and extraordinary counterblast to shatter the international reputation of Turkey since the Russian SU-24 bomber jet was shot down by Turkish fighter jet alleging it violated the airspace and entered its territory from Syria.

Russia has already imposed economic sanctions on Turkey that also include the shutting down of a proposed gas pipeline. As of now the response looks like the classic Cold War style propaganda and Russian President Vladimir Putin is claiming all the tactics are causing discomfort among Turkey’s NATO allies.

Also, with the claim of Moscow the international media are covering good stories along with satellite photos as evident that the Islamic State militants are profiting with illegal trade of oil across the Syrian-Turkish border.

Western analysts too have by now identified this loose border between Syria and Turkey that is also allowing the terror group in getting backflows of munitions as well as new fighters.

Moscow adds further with its dozens of claims the loose border transaction is obviously corrupt connivance of Turkish President and his authoritarian inner circle as well.

However, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denied all such charges and has come up with allegations of Russian misdeeds in Syria such as ethnic cleansing by bombing villages on the Syria-Turkish border and also have stood further tall with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by doing so.

Well, not to forget the scandal and denials get buried when new accusations are made and across the media and TV news channels conspiracy narrative are being talked about in Russia.

If taken seriously, the claims of Moscow need to be given thought for all the nations who have stood together to fight against terrorism and fight against the Islamic State group obviously. Moscow claims the cross-border smuggling is hugely lucrative for intermediaries and also some payoffs flow into the pockets of Turkish president as well as to members of his family.

Meanwhile, if the Turkish claim that Russian warplane entered its territory before it was shot down is proved, it will be tough for Moscow to keep its other claims going smooth. It will help White House too as the US and Turkey allies have denounced all the charges.

Apart from all these, there’s still some sowing suspicion. An estimate says about $30 million is raised by the militant group every month from oil deal in Turkey.

Not to forget, the NATO is looking for air bases in Turkey to strike the Isis and the EU has sanctioned a fund of $3.5 billion to help the country handling the Syrian refugees.

Need to give a thought. Need to know whether Turkey is able to block such cross-border illegal deals that until now have helped the Isis in raising funds. Share your views with us and fellow readers. Use the below given comment box.