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Antidepressants make people twice as likely to think about suicide: study

Antidepressants make people twice as likely to think about suicide: study

The scientists from the Nordic Cochrane Centre revealed an unexpected effect of the drugs from depression. According to the study of professor Peter Gøtzsche, the antidepressants make people twice as likely to think about suicide. Such an obtrusiveness makes to look into this issue deeper.

The antidepressants make a lot to the person with the depression, in the post-traumatic periods and other complex situations. The recent review of trials of antidepressants taken by healthy adults with no signs of a mental health disorder has found an unexpected effect. Antidepressants, according to professor Gøtzsche, used to treat the illness doubled the harms related to suicide and/or violence.

The lead author of the study noted:

“While it is now generally accepted that antidepressants increase the risk of suicide and violence in children and adolescents, most people believe that these drugs are not dangerous for adults. This is a potentially lethal misconception.”

Professor Gøtzsche insists as well that drug companies under-report significantly the harms of antidepressants related to suicide. Such a statistics is well documented but the pharmaceutics giants prefer to hide it.

Colleagues of professor Gøtzsche from other institutes are disagree with him. They believe that current evidence from independent studies show the simple and understandable thing: the benefits of the antidepressants outweigh the risks. If the evidence changes then so will our advice, but Gøtzsche’s study changes nothing.