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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Learn to code, it’s more important than English as a second language

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Learn to code, it’s more important than English as a second language

Tim Cook strongly assured that code skills are even more important to the modern kids than English as a second language. That is our wonderful reality.

Apple CEO advises all the kids to be literally, both in coding and English language, according to Tim Cook, the coding nowadays is more important than the English. This week, Mr Cook visited Paris where he met with French President Emmanuel Macron. The French leader insists on the raising the taxes for the tech companies in Europe.

During the meeting, the tech mogul said that if he was a common 10-year-old student in a French school, he would be happy to learn at least one coding language.

“I’m not telling people not to learn English in some form — but I think you understand what I am saying is that this is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world,”

Cook told while visiting Konbini and added that the coding should be required in every public school in the world.

Of course, it’s in Cook’s best interest to have the world learning how to code. He runs a tech company that depends on access to a constantly growing pipeline of talent.

Coding as one of the perspective profession

Every young person should know that the studying coding could increase the chances of pulling in a big salary. Up to date, the coder is more than a third of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. right now, that profession requires some familiarity with computer programming, according to a recent report from job search platform Glassdoor. And it is not all, reminds Tim Cook.

“Creativity is the goal. Coding is just to allow that. Creativity is in the front seat; technology is in the backseat. It is sort of the blend with both of these that you can do such powerful things now.”