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Archaeologists discovered Roman coins in Spain

Archaeologists discovered Roman coins in Spain

Hundreds of Roman coins and artefacts to be discovered at the site in north of Spain.

The experts believe that the site, which is “exceptional in its size”, indicates the settlement was once a busy area with carts going in and out with goods.

When heavy snowfall hit the region last year, the badger or another animal may have been searching for food or digging a den when it encountered the cache and brought about 90 of the 209 coins to the surface. They were spotted by a local man, Roberto García, who alerted archaeologist Alfonso Fanjul Peraza.

The coins, dated to the third through fifth centuries A.D., were minted in Constantinople and Thessaloniki.

“We think it’s a reflection of the social and political instability which came along with the fall of Rome and the arrival of groups of barbarians to northern Spain,” Fanjul said and shared his plans on returning to the cave for additional investigations, Archaeology reported.

The quality of the soil, which is a fiery red colour in some parts, suggest activities involving burning took place in the area, such as bread making, metal work or pottery.